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Warming of Earth

The earth is becoming more and more warmer and the day is not far off when there will more deaths due to sun strokes. Yes people have to die due to sun strokes.

The proof of growing heat of the earth's atmosphere need not be emphasised or given. Since you yourself know very well how hot the earth is compared to last year or the previous to last year or five years back.

Just ask any person what he will do to bring back the earth to normal temperature. He simply will blink and does not know that the earth is turning heat. You will find that that person or for that matter any person is least bothered or interested to know about this catastrophe that is striking this earth. Why? because people are ready to embarace death if need be -unconsciously. Yes, if you ask people whether he is ready to die? He will very well answer that he wants to live in this world and enjoy all that he could enjoy. He never wants to die. But unconsciously people are easily getting accustomed to atmosphere and vigourous nature. They do not want to fight the global warming. They still will use their old car and will cut trees and do not know that he is contributing to global warming.

Since everybody is going to suffer and die human beings are least bothered to live. They very well accept indirectly to embrace death collectively.

In the end the earth will become more and more warm/heat and would become a place unfit for living. Nothing can stop this, neither you or I.

So be ready to die by the year 2020 for sure nay what your age may be now.


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