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Thendral - Episode List

Thendral serial shown in Sun TV at 9:00 P.M. is worth watching.  All the situations in this serial has some logic into the scenes.  In the latest episodes Lavanya and their marriage group come over to stay at Tamizh's house.   Tualsi who is alerted of Charu's intentions is now thoughtful and is thinking how to keep this girl away from Thamiz.   Thamiz though is intelligent the happenings before him makes him to believe that all is not well with Charu and his mother.

Tulasi joins with her friend and with Sudha's help finally is successful in chasing away charu and Tamizh's mother from her house.

When Sudha gets scolded by Thamizh's mother she comes over to Tamizh's house and scolds Tulasi.

Tamizh on his part scolds Tulasi and tells that she had never liked his mother from the start. He also tells her that he should have believed his love on her.

Charu's father falls ill, so to get treatment he goes to London accompanied by his wife and charu.

Tulasi's step-mother comes to know that on the pledge of their house documents Rs.4,00,000/- had been lent to Thamizh. So she comes to Tulasi's house and scolds Thamizh and Tulasi.

Thamizh in order to repay the amount borrows at heavy rate of interest with financers arranged by his friend.

He fails to repay them in time and the financiers give tortures to Tulasi at his house in the absense of Tamizh. It was Poovi Thamizh's brother who settles the amount and saves Tulasi.

Thamizh's friend who had arranged finance with heavy rate of interest had done it under the instructions of Charu so that he Thamizh cuts his relationship with Tulasi.

Tulasi asks Thamizh to work at Poovi's shop which he uninterestingly agrees.

Thendral - Episode List - Click Below

Episode-27-09-10 to 28-09-10

Episode-30-09-10 to 18-10-10

Episode-19-10-10 to 04-11-10

Episode-15-11-10 to 01-12-10

Episode-02-12-10 to 16-12-10

Episode-17-12-10 to 04-01-11

Episode-05-01-11 to 24-01-11

Episode-25-01-11 to 07-02-11

Episode-08-02-11 to 18-02-11

Episode-21-02-11 to 28-02-11

Episode-01-03-11 to 12-03-11

Episode-14-03-11 to 31-03-11

Episode-01-04-11 to 08-04-11

Episode-11-04-11 to 15-04-11

Episode-18-04-11 to 25-04-11

Episode-26-04-11 to 03-05-11

Episode-04-05-11 to 12-05-11

Episode-13-05-11 to 20-05-11

Episode-23-05-11 to 27-05-11

Episode-30-05-11 to 03-06-11

Episode-06-06-11 to 10-06-11

Episode-13-06-11 to 17-06-11

Episode-20-06-11 to 26-08-11

Episode-29-08-11 to 05-09-11

Thendral-06-09-11 to 12-09-11

Thendral-13-09-11 to 19-09-11

Thendral-20-09-11 to 26-09-11

Thendral-27-09-11 to 03-10-11

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