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How to wean a 1 year old onto cow's milk?

It is against nature to make your child feed a cow's milk when it is longing for mothers milk and her love.

Upto two years you can feed your child.

The result - your child's immunity against diseases will grow - mothers milk acts as a antibiotic. Your child's intelligence grows. The love bond between the mother and child grows. There are so many other benefits. Even the breast size increases.

Almost in all poor underdeveloped countries mothers breast feed their baby and we find the baby healthy. As soon as the baby is born the first liquid that flows through the breast has a very great protective power. It is a type of immunisation to the child for its safe growth devoid of any diseases. The first water like substance that oozes from the mother's breast is that very important. It is only after this water like substance does the whitish milk starts flowing for the baby to feed upon.

As you all know mother's milk has abundant vitamins that which is very much necessary for the strong growth of the child. Mother's get great relief when the milk is drawn by the child, then why not breast feed your baby.

So never go to wean your child even if it is 1 year old towards cow's milk let him feed milk from the breast till he is two years old.

If you still feel comfortable to give your child a cow's milk the only simple way is to fool the child by bottle feeding it keeping the bottle right next to your breast. It is though highly advisable to spoon feed your baby of cow's milk and not bottle feed. You then can wean your child away from your breast milk. At the start always steps should be in a gradual way for the shift by feeding both of them. The temperature and the thickness of the milk are to be the same. Then shifting becomes an easy process.


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