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God and Intellect - Part-2


To grasp what are said below it is important to grasp everything that is said from part-1.

Which is easier for you? whether to create a house or to bring back a dead body to life.

Obviously it is easier to create a house then to bring back a dead body to life i.e. to create a life.

Whether a house can create itself. Why can't a house build itself? Wait for the house to create itself! How long will you wait.? You will have to wait Infinitely but the house will never create itself.

A house usually consists of windows, doors, tiles electrical fittings, plumbing and carpets etc.

Before a house comes into being, a man or a lady has to imagine it, design it in his or her mind. A man has to employ workers and use building materials before long it takes its shape.

So intellect and Intelligence should exist before to create a house. Without intellect there can be no imagination! A house is first imagined in a person's mind. For this imagination Intelligence is a must.

Thus intellect precedes imagination and a house is imagined designed in mind before it is created.

All this looks very simple and known thing but.....grasp these things since this will be useful later to you.

Move on to Part-3

Jhun Jhun Wala reacts

When Jhun Jhun Wala heard this discourse he started thinking highly. He thought why can't we create a life?!

A challenging thought but something inside him pushed him forward to venture into this project.

Jhun Jhun Wala was not a rich man but an ordinary middle class man.

One day something inside him made him to put this in his blog which read as under:

"Do you want to become young again, regain your lost health, beauty and vigour back. A life where death is postponed due to your turning young again. A simple change in a part of your body makes this possible. If you do want to become young then send Rs.500,00,000/- to Jhun Jhun wala, State Bank of India, A/c No.******9. Have faith in me and it will be done."

This blog once was visited by a rich gifted man who was a spend thrift. He transferred from his Bank A/c 5 crores of Rupees

Jhun Jhun Wala did not expect this. Now that he had huge deposit in his account, he had to fulfill this rich man's wish. Jhun Jhun Wala with those money in hand to spend, he immediately consulted some Doctor's, he consulted some scientists, he groped through books and finally got some formula which he applied.

Though the rich man himself forgot about the money that he had transferred he was surprised to see a letter asking him to come for organ transplant and become young.

Jhun Jhun Wala with the help of some Professional Doctor's had his small clinic and he performed a secret operation on this rich man changing the Thyroid in the man's body.

Everybody waited.... it worked the rich man who was in his 60's was turning young again. Hairs started growing, black in color, skin started shining. The strength and vigour returned back to his body.

Jhun Jhun Wala again got gift from this man of another 10 crores.

Now Jhun Jhun Wala wanted to create a life. Why not!? he thought and put in his blog which read as follows:

"Any body want to have LIVE male or female human body with full of feelings of your liking and behaving to your liking of any age deposit Rs.50,00,00,000/- to Jhun Jhun Wala A/c No.*****9, State Bank of India. The new life and body with new flesh will be created in our lab with putting all the genes in it that you apply for. The new life will be tuned of your liking and will act in whatever way you like it to act. It will have all the emotional feelings that you like it to have".

As it be so, there were rich people who wanted to have this live human being. Money came by and poured into his account. Jhun Jhun Wala was not now astonished. He went about now buidling a new big hospital. It had all the latest technological instruments.

Jhun Jhun Wala first started manufacturing bones in his lab, then flesh, blood vessels, heart everything artificial.

When the emotional Love part came everybody wanted the created living life to love them alone and not any other. Here starts the problem.....

It suddenly struck Jhun Jhun Wala and he thought why not we create a life which has full of love to all human beings...

So Jhun Jhun Wala went with the task of putting all the artificially made bones, blood vessels, flesh, eyes, injecting of liquid blood (artificially made), nerves etc. He injected the emotional Genes which had full of LOVE on all human beings. Finally when artificial heart was kept in its place and it started breathing a life a new AVATAR came into being.

A new life. Full of love. This new being was showering so much of LOVE on all the human beings that it got some super powers out of it.

Then this happened.....

People started acknowledging it as a new Avatar. The christian called it the coming back of Jesus, Hindus called it as the Kalki avatar. Muslims gave it their own name.

Thus Jhun Jhun Wala created a God itself.


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