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Uttaran-Serial-636 to 700 - 27-6-11 to 26-9-11

Uttaran-Serial-701 27th September 2011

For 27th September 2011 and for latest

Uttaran-Serial-700 26th September 2011

Tapasya is thinking and recalling about what Ichcha was telling her about the baby and her. Both have lost… Tapasya the child and the child its mother. She thinks why this is happening to her, and because of her Rathore is unlucky, his expectations went awry. She tries to keep him happy but worries start haunting her and sits on her. If she is like this who is going to take care of him, she will now try to know all his likes and dislikes and will give him surprise. She thinks of Swamijis word that there will be a heir to the house.

Ichcha while sleeping gets labour pain and Veer admits her to hospital. Daddaji, Gunavanthi and Veer wait in tension outside the ward. Daddaji is happy and is in smiles while others are in tension. Damini too arrives at the hospital. Gunavanthi tells her that as per doctor everything is normal. Veer tells her not to worry and asks her to sit. The waiting now continues…

The crying of the baby gets heard and the nurse comes out with the information that a boy is born. There are smiles on everybody’s face, Gunavanthi and Damini congratulate each other’s Daddaji gives a gold chain to the nurse who gave the sweet information, Gunavanthi distributes sweets to people who are in hospital. Veer informs this news to all through his mobile. Veer takes the blessings of Daddaji and embraces him, he then takes the blessings of his mother and embraces her. Veer then takes the blessings of Damini. Damini asks him to inform Jogi Thakur and Divya. Veer tells that he had messaged them. Gunavanthi tells Damini that her daughter had been helpful to their family, and today she completely satisfied their wishes, and if God takes their life in this moment she would not regret. Damini tells her that she has to live for long years and should look after his grandson. Daddaji tells them that he is there to look after him.

The nurse then comes and tells them that they can go inside and see Ichcha. Veer goes inside and finds Ichcha still in unconscious stage. As he keeps his hand on her forehead, she awakes. He takes her hand and kisses it informs her that a son is born. Damini comes by and catches her hand warmly and wishes her. Ichcha asks about Jogi Thakur, Veer tells her that he had messaged them. Gunavanthi, Dadaji and Chanda too come to see her, Daddaji tells her that today she has made him happy. Gunavanthi thanks her for giving a heir to her to their family.

Veer tells to Gunavanthi that seeing Ichcha he came to know that how difficult it is for a mother to give birth to a child. Men do work and take responsibility but women carry baby for 9 months with difficulty and smile after giving birth to it. Men do not have this strength, Gunavanthi had given him birth, happiness and tolerated on so many things he thanks her for this. The doctor comes over there when Daddaji asks her that they want to see the baby. Doctor tells them that the baby has gone for bath/wash. At this time a nurse comes by shouting and telling that the baby is unable to breathe. Everybody gets shock hearing this, Ichcha catches hold of the hand of Veer.

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