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Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians

A note to Badrinath!


A basic cricket lesson, strategy everything was missed by Chennai Super Kings. Leave aside Dhoni what he had to say you at the time out period. Badrinath you having lead the Chennai cricket teams have enough experience about the game.

This pitch on this day suited very well for you and Rohit Sharma. out of all the 22 players it suited you both. Tommorrow this same pitch may suit for other and not you both. This happens in cricket. On one day it suits some and the other day for someone else. A close watch you can see every batsman was out going for shots because they could not time the ball. They could not read the pitch. 1 There should be no second thoughts that you should face maximum balls and so the strategy is to see that you always possess the strike. But what you did! When Morket was out, the game was yours alone and in your hand alone.

You had 36 balls and in that 36 balls you can easily score at the strike rate of 150 but what you did was giving the strike to Joginder Sharma. He who cannot read the pitch naturally will get out if trying to hit shots. That did happen. Next came Randhiv and in the last two overs again you failed to be at the striking end though you had enough opportunity.

What you did was at the 18.1 over you took a single and came over the other side. Is this what the cricket taught you. There were just 28 runs to score and it was just so easy in this pitch for you to score. But the whole of 19th over was wasted by you standing in the non-striker end.

In the end analysis it was just 9 runs that your team fell short.

I like to ask you whether you are batting for yourself or for the team.

You had made all the CSK fans sad.

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