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Uttaran - Episode - 551 to 570 - 28th Feb 2011 to 25 Mar 2011

In the previous episodes we were put into suspense on two important counts.

1. The first one is the mysterious voice torturing Tapasya and finally telling that the child that she is bearing is not hers.

Who is the mysterious voice and whose child is Tapasya carrying?

Tapasya herself has made inquires by giving the telephone number and the time of the call to know from whose telephone those calls were routed through.

2. Who are these Satya and Sanchi? What is the secret behind them? What is that they are talking about when Sanchi puts the question to Satya, "Hope everything is going according to plan, we should be careful not to keep one step wrong."

Who is their mother that is hidden behind the photo? Why is that Satya has to hide the photo when he sees the servant at his door steps?

In the end it seems the servant in Veer's house suspiciousness is real.

We see a change in the attitude of Ichchha, she firmly tells Tapasya that she had been accommodating her wishes thus long and now they are grown up and she is not going to tolerate anything further. She is not going to leave her rights. She explains Taps that it was in childhood that she gave up things that Taps liked to possess but now as a grown up adults she cannot leave her possessions and Veer is hers alone and no one has right over him.

Tapasya's secret of her pregnancy and the real father of the child is revealed and Tapasya herself is showing signs of not knowing it. But her days of honeymoon with Bundela's family is nearing end.

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