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Yamirukka Bayam En

A serial which is written after great investigation. Gugan is a boy around 12 years old on whom Bogur's spirit enters. There are three other spirits entering into three other bodies. Padmasura and his brothers.

This is a fight between these Asuras and God in human body.

Villalla comes in search of Valli and takes shelter in Pathar's house, now they both reside in the same house but Villalla is yet to know that Valli lives there.

Episode-245 - 16th March 2011

Episode-244 - 15th March 2011

Episode-243 - 14th March 2011

Episode-242 - 11th March 2011

Episode-241 - 10th March 2011

Episode-240 - 9th March 2011

Episode-239 - 8th March 2011

Episode-238 - 7th March 2011


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