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Uttaran - Episode-571 to 585 - 28 Mar 2011 to 15 Apr 2011

Ichchha : Ammu when Tapasya became pregnant she would have had difficulty isn't?

Ammu : Yes.

Ichchha : Where was Tapasya when she became pregnant?

Ammu : She was in a hotel and then in a slum. Why are you asking?

Rathore in his house is dreaming of Tapasya and the child...sweet day dreams.

Tapasya sees Ichchha mixing something in the milk that is being given to Veer.

Satya and Sanchi plan to instigate jealousy inside Ichchha and so Sanchi who waits for Veer in the garden.

Veer comes out to take his car...Sanchi fakes that something had fallen in her eyes as she sees Veer. Veer comes over near her and tries to blow that something in her eyes.

Tapasya sees this from far and interprets something like kissing and calls out 'Veer.'

Tapasya comes over and gives the file and both exchange throbbing eyes.

Veer leaves and Sanchi tells Tapasya not to tell whatever she saw to Ichchha.

Tapasya is left to think herself.

Ichchha finds out the Sanchi is not blind when Sanchi correctly takes the jar of salt and mixes with soup. Ichchha tries to tell this finding to Sanchi's own brother Sathya when at the right time Kaka comes over there and stalls her.

He tells that Satya and Sanchi are together with some plan. Satya silently and secretly hears this and decides that this fellow should be tackled first before striking Veer.

Tapasya now dares Ichchha to reveal that the child she carries is not Veer's and she warns that Veer's inability to bear a child will also be revealed.

Kaka tries to find out what Satya and sanchi are planning. He is hit by a bike rider and he now gets more frightened about the fate of Bundela's family.

Ichchha gets scolding by Dadaji, Mai and Nani the handi-work of Chanda.

Kaka and Ichchha plan to reveal to Veer that Sanchi is not blind but their plans do not succeed.

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