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Mannadi Mannan

Cast : M.G.R., Anjali Devi, Padmini, P.S.Veerappa, M.G.Chakrapani

Songs :

1. Acham Enbadu Madamaiada Ariyami Dravidar Udamaiada.

2. Adadha Manamum Undoo.

3. Kaniya kaniya mazhalai pesum kanmani.

4. Engalin Rani ullasa theni azhagile mohini veerathil dheerathil alli rani.

5. Avala Ivala Thernduedu Azhagiya Pennai Malaiidu.

6. Neeo Naano Yaar Nilave Avar Ninavai kavarndadu yaar nilave.

7. Kangal Irandum Endru Ummai Kandu Pesumo.

8. kaverithaye kaverithaye kadhalar vilayada poovirithaye.


This is a Love story at its height. M.G.R. is loved by Padmini and Anjali Devi. M.G.R. loves Padmini and what will happen to Anjali then! Their love is just playing havoc in M.G.R's life. The script and dialogue is at its peak and very moving. You will be put to a great suspense of what will happen whom he is going to live with. P.S.Veerapa is the villian here who also falls in love with Padmini(chitra), you will be put to your end of the seat when Padmini meets him alone. It is better that you see the movie to know it. I will be very much surprised if you do not weep during the last scenes of this film. Yes, I felt tears in my eyes, and I will assure you, you too will find tears in your eyes.


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