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Uttaran Serial-586 to 600 - 18 Apr 2011 to 6 May 2011

Chanda's efforts to know what really is in the gift pack cover that Tapasya received goes futile. All that Tapasya tells is that it is an invitation card for marriage of her childhood friend Maya.

Chanda puts a word about this in Ichchha's ear and knows from her that there is no such a friend as Maya.

Ichchha now gets too much perturbed about the actions of Tapasya on one side and Sanchi on the other side.

Kaka comes to Ichchha's room to tell her about what he knows on Satya and Sanchi. Veer who just returns asks Kaka to get him a coffee and so he goes without telling.

Tapasya too comes to know that Sanchi is not blind and that Satya and Sanchi are upto something. She comes to know that Rathore has joined them and they are planning to harm Veer. She tells to herself that she will find out and will not allow them to succeed.

Satya convinces the Bundela family to do family Pooja at a temple while he and Veer will be attending an important business matter.

Ichchha secretly hears and comes to know that Satya and Sanchi are going to do something harm to Veer at the construction site.

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