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Maharani Serial - 351 to 355 - 8-4-11 to 15-4-11

The first night bed room is decorated with flowers. Rani enters the room with the milk with great dreams.

Prakash thrashes her and tells her that he has married just to save his family and his Maha. He married so that they all live happily. He tells henceforth he is going to be hell to her. Rani is stunned and cries calling his name...'Prakash' and goes on receiving slaps after slaps.

Rani imagines of how people will tease her if they know that Prakash is beating her and so tells Prakash to keep their family life secret and not to reveal anyone.

Mahalaxmi is seen as a transformed character, she tells that now that her father has died to whom she had cared for his safety henceforth she no longer is afraid of anybody and is ready to confront them all.

Anand comes to Prakash's house and slaps him for what he has done for the whole family. Rani interferes but Prakash slaps her telling that she should not interfere.

Mahalaxmi comes over to Prakash's house. Prakash's mother tells her sorry for what her son had done to her. Mahalaxmi tells that she need not worry. Prakash mother asks Mahalaxmi to wait when she prepares coffee for her. Suja who is happy in seeing Prakash marrying Rani tries to take this opportunity to tease Mahalaxmi and asks her if she had come to see if Prakash is here and weep before him.

Mahalaxmi tells her that she knows he is not here and has no needs to see him.

Maha also tells her, "I have seen two criminals Rani and Topias but you overtake them."

Suja gets angry on this and warns her to mind her words.

Maha hits back, "what you can do, your own mother and Anand is not liking you and see you as an autrocious women."

Suja gets more angry and seeing Anand coming complains to him. Anand scolds Suja and asks her to leave.

Turning over to Maha he tells, "Maha I can't believe that you have taken the situation so bravely."

"I have learnt, to save myself I should not depend on others."

Maha returns to her house and asks Sandhya to arrange a work for her so that she can show to the world that she is not broken and she can stand up.

When Maha is sweeping outside the house, Topias passes by and seeing Maha stops there.
Maha challenges him and tells him that she will raise high and will confront him.

Maha : I am not the Maha who weeps for all things, I am now Mahalaxmi.

Topias: I like challenge from brave people.

Maha : I will destroy all those people who are responsible for the death of my father. I vow on my father's soul and make you to answer for this. I will not commit suicide, until you have seen waters in my eyes but now I will through my eyes this world and the enemies. Topias very soon we shall meet."

Rani comes with dreams to Prakash room with a glass of milk.

Prakash : Did you forget so soon that yesterday you caught hold of my feet and pleaded not to reveal whatever happens inside this house.

Rani : I will sleep down in a mat.

Prakash : Do you think you can sleep in the same room. You thought by showing your beauty you can do everything. But I will make your life hell and then you will start hating yourself. Now, don't stand before me, get out.

Maharani Serial - 355 -15th April 2011

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Maharani Serial - 351 -8th April 2011


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