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Pirivom Santhipom - Serial -19 to 24 - 29-4-11 to 6-5-11

Nagaraj is successful in taking Revathi along with him. Jyothi's father arrives and he questions his family members why no one had objected Nagaraj to take Revathi.

Jyothi's father tells to his family members that Revathi will come back to the house.

At Nagaraj's house Nagaraj takes signature of Revathi in blank stamp papers.

But sundaresan had all his money in fixed deposits which matures after one and a half years.

Nagaraj and his wife now plans to marry Revathi to their son Ganesh. Marriage is arranged and the bride and groom sit in the marriage mantap. Right at the time when the groom is about to tie the mangalsutra enters Jyothi's father Shanmugam.

The marriage gets stalled and Shanmugam takes back Revathi to his house.

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Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-24 - 6th May 2011

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Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-22 - 4th May 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-21 - 3rd May 2011

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Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-19 - 29th Apr 2011


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