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Uttaran - Episode-585 to 685 - Further stories

What is happening in Bundela's family? What the story could be in the future episodes? In Bundela's family except Veer, Kaka (servant) and Thakur Umed Singh (Veer's father) no one is liking Ichchha. Thakur Baldev singh (Dadaji), Mai, Chanda, Nani, Tapasya in combination are constantly troubling Ichchha. The main reason is Ichchha is a servant's girl, a poor girl who has been lucky to marry Veer.

Story that is in store....

I like to write the script this way.... Satya is able to bring the Bundela's family down and into the streets, the arrogance of these people living in richess gets beating. Tapasya leaves the house automatically. Ichchha with her ability like teaching etc supports the family for sometime. During this time Mai and Dadaji by chance see Tapasya and Rathore with child and she disrespect them bringing shame on them. Ichchha intervenes and saves their face.

Meanwhile Veer again shines in his diamond business. A long standing loan by a customer gets repaid. Keeping this as investment Veer once again flourishes in his business.

Alternate Story....

Veer gets to know about the mental tortures and disrespect Ichchha was receiving right from Chanda, Mai, Nani and Dadaji. Veer's father Umed Singh tells Veer that he only can protect Ichchha from these people now. She should not weep. If need be he can live separately.

Veer after well thinking over the matter decides to live separately and goes out of Bundela's family. Dadaji, Mai, Nani and Tapasya try do stop him in their own ways but fail. Each one of them realise their mistakes and they feel that at last Ichchha has won.

Satya who has the Bundela families property documents to mortgage, mortgages it and brings loss to the diamond business and the Bundela family is thrown out of their house.

Veer comes at the right time and takes the family to his house, he warns them not to disturb their peaceful living.

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