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Pirivom Santhipom - Serial -31 to 36 - 17-5-11 to 24-5-11

Jyothi thinks that Revathi loves Ashok and asks her father to fix her marriage with Ashok.

Ashok comes along with his parents seeking Revathi for alliance/marriage. Ashok's parents ask him to put ring on Revathi's finger to confirm the alliance. Ashok takes the ring to put that on Revathi...Jyothi watches this with heavy heart she feels like loosing something as if something is going away from her. But Ashok at the last moment stops his act and asks Revathi the reason for change of her mind. He asks him till yesterday she had been pleading with him to marry Jyothi and was telling him that she is in deep love with him. He further tells that they now can only be friends and can never become a husband and wife.

Jyothi realises her misunderstanding about Revathi and asks forgiveness before God when Revathi comes behind and touches her and they both promise that henceforth their friendship will never break.

Subba Rao the jewellary shop owner telephones Sangeetha and asks the balance due from her when Sangeetha pretends not hearing complaining about the tower. The owner shots back her telling that he is speaking through landline and threatens her that he will come to house if the money is not paid. Sangeetha with tensions forgets to cook food. When Dhanam's mother accuses her for not cooking she shots back that it is not a great mistake but the great mistake is she making hectic efforts to break the friendship between Jyothi and Revathi.

Revathi and her uncle withdraw Rs.3/- lakhs from the bank to invest in Gold.

Sangeetha robs the money from bureau where it had been kept. When it comes to know that the money is missing it is decided against complaining to police.

Sangeetha once again receives a call from the Jewelery shop owner, she finally takes the money and tries to walk out hiding the money.

Grooms parents come over to see Jyothi and fix the marriage, Revathi is kept away from the occasion. Jyothi thinks of how Ashok had described the beauty of Revathi which she had then thought was described to her and starts weeping. Revathi consoles her and tells her that everybody in the house loves her and if they all want to be happy it is in her hands.

Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-36-24th May 11

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Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-31-17th May 11


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