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Thendral Serial - 13-5-11 to 20-5-11

Inspector Alagu Perumal's intent to take revenge on Thamizh fails when he is forced to withdraw the complaint due to the efforts of Anand's wife. Anand wife and Tulasi become friends and Tulasi is all of smiles.

Nitish mother who sees in Laptop the videos of her daughter-in-law and Nitish dancing and making merry in a public party hall becomes angry. She accuses Lavanya that she is the cause for Nitish getting spoilt. Lavanya becomes angry and leaves the house. Nitish runs behind her to bring her back when his father stops him and advises him that let her come herself when she realises her mistake.

Lavanya's mother polishly talks with her and convinces her to be near Nitish and make him to feel deep love on her and then get her wishes done through him.

Thamizh goes to work and on his first day.... The very first day a fraudulent person named Dharmalingam visits the finance office and shows off too much speaking like a social service person through dummy calls and asks for loan. Thamizh goes through the documents, finds the documents to be perfect and tries to help him telling that for the documents that he has he can take a loan from a bank where the interest is low and he also recommends a bank and a person named Venkatachalam who will help him.

Thamizh colleague happens to see this drama of Thamizh chasing away a customer to Bank for loan.

The owner of the finance company is reported of this and he dismisses him from the job.

Thendral - Serial - 20th May 2011

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