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Nadaswaram Serial - 266 to 272 - 3-5-11 to 11-5-11

Rohini who escapes from the captivity of Shankar is once again caught by Shankar's friends. They push her inside the car and take her.

Malar going in search of Rohini opens the locked door only to find Shankar rushing out and making passes on her. When he is trying to misbehave with Malar Gokul coming from behind hits him from behind on his head. There is a fight between them and Shankar escapes.

Shankar's friend comes there...he keeps knife on Rohini's neck and demands money for her release. Malar gives the gold and money. He takes mobile phone from Malar and Gokul as a precaution and asks both of them to go into a room so that he will release Rohini. Both go inside a room but the villian locks them inside and moves out taking along Rohini. On the way Shankar also gets into the car.

At the checkpost there is a search for Rohini on the vehicles passing through. So they make an arrangement to stay at the house of the driver by paying him Rs.10,000/-.

Shankar tells his friend that he has been with him even-though he had a chance to take Rohini and escape with the cash. He tells him Rohini is there for him to enjoy. They both return to their house to find Rohini hanging. They get scared and take to their heels. But Rohini opens her eyes as they leave. Rohini runs and confronts Gopi.

Shankar tries to escape but is caught by Gopi and then by the police. Everybody meet and the kidnapping story comes to an end.

Vanitha calls Gopi and tells she has found Pandi in tea shop, Gopi comes over there and and see him in market. They follow him behind and find Maha.

Gopi, his assistant and Vanitha watch secretly Pandi cooking and seeing after Maha with care and love. Gopi then also sees the mangalsutra, kumkum and metti and comes to know that they have married.

Nadaswaram-Serial-272-11th May 11

Nadaswaram-Serial-271-10th May 11

Nadaswaram-Serial-270-9th May 11






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