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Thendral Serial - 4-5-11 to 12-5-11

Lavanya comes over to her mother's house and gets some bad advices from her mother. Her mother encourages her daughter to show anger and hit back on her mother-in-law if she shows faces.

Thamizh who has given shelter to a girl whose family life has failed has to fight with her husband who comes over there. His friend who visits him tells him that in Madurai there is a Job in an Auto-finance company with a salary of Rs.10,000/- per month and they decide to leave for Madurai.

Nitish and Lavanya are preparing to give a party to their friends. Nitish father asks him to attend a reception which he refuses. Nitish mother and his wife exchange fire in their stares on each other.

The drunkard husband of the girl comes with his friends and fights with Tamizh. Tamizh friends come there and they run away. Tamizh proceeds to Madurai to join the job. Tulasi locks the door. Inside the girl has drunk poison.

Tulasi and her neighbour take her to hospital.

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Thendral - Serial - 12th May 2011

Thendral - Serial - 11th May 2011

Thendral - Serial - 10th May 2011

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Thendral - Serial - 6th May 2011

Youtube comment...
There is some thing definitely wrong with the youngmen and women of India. Parading in half naked bodies, using vulgar language does not reflect progressive ideas and thinking. Two hundred years of British rule did not destroy Tamil culture, Tamil Movies and Tamil TV have destroyed values, culture and tradition in Tamilnadu. Sari is the most sensuous dress by any standard. . This is another stupid idiotic serial in SUn TV.

Thendral - Serial - 5th May 2011

Thendral - Serial - 4th May 2011


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