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Nadaswaram-Episode-246 to 250 -4-4-11 to 8-4-11

Pandi is lying in a hospital met with an accident. The people who are responsible for his accident and who have admitted him to hospital plead with him not to complain to police about the accident. Pandi is glad that it as not become a police case.

Murthy beats up his friend for having loved Gopi's cousin and troubled Gopi's family.

Money kept for marriage is missing and Gopi's family are left in dark and are badly in need of money. Knowing this Murthy arranges money.

Gopi refuses but is forced to take one lakh rupees from Murthy and his brother's repeated insistance.

Malar telephones Gopi and tells that she has seen Maha. Gopi sets out with Maha's mother to bring Maha back. Malar informs the police and takes them to the hospital. Gopi and others to join them at hospital and they search for Maha there.







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