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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-306 Written Update 26th August 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-306 26th August 2011


Damarai sees the milk flowing off in the stove and feels something bad about it.

Vijay talks through his mobile with Sindhu, Veer sees it and thinks of his own past days when he was talking with her. Vijay tells in phone that it is written in fate that he has to live with her. He sees Veer and gives the phone to Veer and asks him to say 'hello.' Sindhu tells that she has work and she will talk with him later. Veer hears those words and understands.

Damarai comes there and asks her to whom she was speaking. Sindhu tells her, 'now don't tell that it is inauspicious to talk in mobile phone, since when these things were told there was no mobile phone.'

Vijay is seated to get ready for marriage procession when Bhairavi comes there and asks for a gift. Vijay gives her a bangle and tells her that when she was young Veer had given that to him and now it is for his child. Veer is angrily watching everything.

Everybody get dressed and get ready for grooms procession. Vijay wears a Sherwani dress with a turban, they give him a sword to hold in his hand. Sindhu is getting ready in her room in her bride dress and ornaments. Damarai and Sindhu embrace each other with tears in their eyes thinking of their fate and what is in store for them. Bhairavi and Chandra tease each other.


Rohini says Sindhu taste this. It is very nice.

Sindhu refuses, "I will not eat please…"

Damarai: You are taking fast. Till tomorrow morning you should not eat anything. Do you know that or not.

Bhairavi: What dress you have planned for the Groom invitation. Is it not good?

Veer: How many times I told you that you do not have any right to touch any of the things concerning me? How dare you speak as if you are my wife who cares for me? You don't have that right also.

Bhairavi: Please one minute. Let me see how long you will go away from me Veer. Soon I will make you fall in to my snares. Otherwise my name is not Bairavi.

Now the story of today's episode in full:

Damarai: Why it is happening like this on this marriage day. If the boiling milk overflows into the stove it is a bad omen.

Paati: Why are you shouting like a barbarian? What bad omen happened? The milk boiled an overflowed that's all. During the harvest festival everyone shout and let the boiling rice overflow and celebrate. Is it not? If the milk overflows on a good day no one would say it is a bad omen. Hmm what would you know about rituals and Sastras? You don't have knowledge to learn that and you are shouting bad omen.

Damarai: The person who comes across many trials only can understand which bad omen is and which is good.

The old lady tells to herself, "I get irritated hearing her speech."

Vijay: I will tell how I will take care of you? I will lock you in my heart.

Sindhu dreams back of her telephone talk with Veer.

Sindhu: Veer I do not have good network in this room.

Veer: I know why there is no network. Because you don't want to say, I love you to me.

Sindhu: I love you Veer. Did you hear what I say?

Veer: Heard but only the sound of your breath.

Sindhu: Will everything go smoothly.

Veer: Yes. Whatever I desire will happen. Can you tell why?

Sindhu: You please tell.

Now in real....

Vijay: It is the fate that we are to be united. Vijay sees Veer. Hey Veer. Come here. Have I not told you to come here?

Say one word Hai to Sindhu. Ayyo….. Our Veer is shy type sindhu. Speak a word with Veer. Sindhu is on line. Why don't you say a hai?

Vijay one minute. I have lot of work at home. I will make call and talk to Veer afterwards. Vijay, Vijay please give hear to me. I have a lot of work at home.

What Veer?

I think the line has cut off.

Hold on I shall dial one more time.

It is okay. Let it be. I am getting late.

Why? What for?

What brother this is a house of marriage. Hell a lot of work is pending. You go and get ready. Let me go and finish some work.


Damarai: Sindhu what is this. To whom you are speaking on the phone?

Ammu. Please now don't say," bride speaking on the phone is a bad omen". Because the period (centuries back) when they started the bad and good omen there was no cell phone.

Very good. You have learnt to speak like old women. If good matter is spoken no one likes it in this world.

Ammu please ammu don't get tensioned.

Damarai: You have not started the decoration work till now. That is why tension. Have you taken the dresses at least? The time is going like anything and the work to be finished is lot. By the grace of God,… Oh God. I told you to pray. Have you prayed or not? Earlier also I told you to pray. I have repeatedly telling you to pray. Last time I have told. How many times I told you?

Sindhu: Ammu why are you keep telling last time last time? Please understand what I am saying correctly. This time whatever you are afraid of will not happen. Have you understood? Whatever past is past. There is no use at all in speaking about that now. We have to think about what is going to happen. Don't be worried. I am happy. Your sindhu does not have any pain. Truly l am telling you ammu. This time there will be no problem at all. First you have to be courageous without worrying any more. Your daughter will not come across any problem. Your sindhu will be happy. Everything will go correctly. I will not be lacking in anything.

Vijay is seated being dressed in groom.

Bhairavi: Will you give any gift only if we ask? Is that your family tradition? You just turned to the other side when I ask for gift.

Vijay: Gift?... What gift?

Bhairavi: Very nice. The gift you owe to me.

Vijay: I have given the gift already.

B: When?

V: The Veersing Bundhela who is six feet and holder of many American Degrees is that gift.

B: Talented. I will not leave it. Take the gift.

V: Ok take it.

B: What is this? Are you trying to cheat me by giving the bangle which can be given to kids.

V: During the childhood days my mom get bangle like this to me and Veer. I lost my bangle and started crying. That time Veer gave his bangle. From that day to till now I have been keeping it safely Hello this bangle is not for you.

B: Then.

V: I gave it for someone else. All of us are waiting for him to come to this house. Junior Veer has to adorn this courageously.

B: Vijay Shall I tell one thing to you. Till now I have not received a gift like this. I too will keep it safely like you. It is so precious. Lot of thanks.

Bhairavi takes blessing with Gunavanthi...

Gunavanthi: Have a long life. Please get up. Bairavi you only have to take care of the Groom. You have to preside over the procession.

Veer: Why are you giving the responsibility to her? Are you not coming with us?

Gunavanthi: No Veer. This time I am not coming. The mother should not take part in the son's marriage procession. Doing so is a bad omen say the people. No mistake should happen that is why I am telling this.

Vijay: Why mom till you are in this unwanted superstition.

G: Very Good vijay. Not even the marriage is over before that you started advising. Have you grown up to the level of advising me?

Vijay: It is ok leave it. You are not taking part so that the marriage is solemnized without any problem. Do as you wish. By one way your absence is also good.

G: Is it so? You started speaking so selfish. Sindhu has not come to the house yet. Have you gone to her side before that? Make him ready soon. Time is up for the marriage procession.

Servant Ramu is carrying a gift plate.

Gunavanthi: What Ramu? Where are you taking this now? I told already to keep this in the vehicle.

Umed Singh: I think he is so loyal to our house things to be given to in-law's house he is trying to keep in our house. Very nice. Ok come let us see if Ayya is ready.

Ayya: Hey what is this? Which side you are pulling? Are you trying to make up the turban or trying to take off my head? Hey make up the turban correctly otherwise you will get nicely.

Umed Singh: Shall I keep the turban correctly?

Aiyya: Who is that? By this time your wife would have hidden all the sweet boxes.

Gunavanthi: Today you are very happy.

Aiyya: Yes. Our lad is getting married today. That is the cause of my happiness.
Why? Are you not happy?

Gunavanthi; When are you going to get ready?

Umed Singh: Just five minutes enough for me.

Aiyya: Ok. Get ready soon and come fast. Make it tight. No no. Some where it is loose.

Gunavanthi: (sees Vijay) Ah ha. Turn. You look like a princess. No evil eye should be fall on you. Veer are you not ready yet? Go get ready soon. You be here vijay let me go and finish the work and come. Don't go anywhere.

Damarai is dressing-up Sindhu...

Damarai: Shall I pull it little more? Is it correct? Hold let me tight it little more.

Damarai and Sindhu see each other and embrace each other with tears in their eyes.

There are Songs and dances..


Ho Ho Song of the Brother. Come on Dance. If you listen carefully hundreds of meanings. Dance dance happily dance. Yesterday passed away in air. Live today.

Chandra: Today my Krishna will also be very happy. Till the procession is over I am going to sit in front of my Krishna.

Bhairavi: There is a limit for acting. Will you stop your acting?

Chandra: The kannan I pray will surely show a way to me. First you think of yourself. You are married women. How long you are going to be in home and showing you as bride.


Paatti: What a servant girl would be knowing about the rituals of a Land Lord's Family. Both the mother and the daughter are ruling Joki Takur. But this Joki without understanding is dancing to their tune. Looking sindhu as his own daughter and Bhairavi as someone's daughter. Is sindhu thinking that she could bury the happiness of our Bhairavi.


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