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Uttaran-Serial-660 - 28th Jul 2011

Nani : What type of person you are? You had made our Tappu‘s life miserable. You had followed her everywhere. Now you are telling that you do not know where she is?! We are not going from here without Tapasya.

Rathore : I am talking to you politely, you are standing in my house. Calm down and talk.

Divya : You might be knowing something. Tell us a little.

Nani : Hurray, except him no one else knows.

Divya starts pleading with him folding her hands with the same words repeatedly.

Rathore: I do not know, even if I know I will not tell. After leaving Veer’s house she should have gone to your house only. If she had not gone then there should be some reason. If she had thought that as her house, and if she likes to go out, nobody can stop her, wherever she goes and lives she does it with her own will. The fact you know very well and I do too. I cannot tell anything more. I can understand your feelings, sufferings; since you have come to my house for the first time, I would have been happy to help you out.

Divya starts pleading once again to tell her if he knows something about Tappu and her child.

At Avinash’s house…

Avinash : (To Ichchha) Come on… please go. (He directs her to his bed-ridden father room). I have some work , I will meet you after wards.

Old man sees Ichchha and signs to her to come near him.

Hiding behind and watching these is Avinash.

Veer at his room sadly thinks of the days he had spent with Ichchha.

Ichchha is in her room with her mother when a shadow watches them and passes by. Ichchha notices some movements and goes in search of the shadow and finds Avinash.

Avinash starts thanking Ichchha. He tells that because of her his Sab is very happy. He goes on appreciating her, and asks her if their stay is comfortable. Damini tells him that now since the old man is alright they like to go. But he asks them to stay for some more days. Ichchha tells him that she does not know about him or the old man’s son. What she would tell if Sab asks her about his son.

Avinash then starts telling Damini and Ichchha that his Sab’s name is Shiv Shyam Prasad Mukerjee. He had one daughter and son. His daughter and her husband died in an accident. His son lived here in this house. He married a girl from another caste which was not liked by Sab. Sab became very angry and sent him out of the house, he vowed not to see him till his death. One day he received news that his son too died in an accident. From that day he became ill, he started uttering only one word, that he has to ask sorry to his daughter-in-law.

He further tells that he is an orphan and it was Sab who looked after him and did not make him feel the absence of his parents.

Ichchha is very attracted towards his words but not Damini. Damini tells that some look good but are not good.

Rathore comes to a secluded place and meets his henchmen. He gives the photo of his child and tells them to find it out, tells them that the child is more important than his life. They promise him to inform him within 24 hours. Rathore tells them he does not want any information’s but his child.


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