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Uttaran-701 Written Update 27th September 2011

Uttaran-701 27th September 2011

The Nurse comes running and tells the doctor that the child is having breathing trouble. Doctor asks her, “What? The child was good till now! Let me check. The doctor goes for checking the condition of the child. Ichcha catches hold of Veer’s hand and as he sees, Ichcha faints. Veer sits beside her and calls the Doctor.

The Doctor checks the child, Damini, Gunavanthi, Chanda and Daddaji are waiting outside. The doctor comes out and informs them that she could not save the child.

Everyone of them are shocked hearing this. Gunavanthi and Chanda embrace each other and cry out. Daddaji sheds tears. Everything is being watched silently by a shadowy figure. As Damini leaves shedding tears the shadowy figure too leaves the place.

Rathore is entering the house, he sees a 3 year old girl in the house, stands admiring it and smiles. The servant lady seeing this lifts her child and tells him sorry for having brought the child to house since there was no one to look after it at her house.

Rathore stops the servant and gives her some money telling to keep it for the sake of the child. Rathore tells to himself that how much ever efforts he puts he is unable to forget these things and could not show happiness before Tapasya.

The nurse comes with the child and asks a burqa lady where she had been, if somebody had seen her and caught her what would have happened! The lady silently gives Rupees Ten thousand to the nurse who happily receives that and gives the child to her. The burqa lady throws her burqa and Nani stands there still with the child.

Tapasya is beautifying herself before the mirror and talks to herself, “thank God everything is ready I hope, dal, Roti and rice, whether he likes Panneer I did not know this, mummy used to always say, observe little little things, only in that we get love, more than worshiping husband we have to concentrate on his feed. Then he will love her more. Rathore comes by and Tapasya asks him, “how was time spent by you at office, oh, I should not ask these things, tell me what all you like to eat, whether you like Panneer to eat.” Rathore is in sad mood. Tapasya asks him if he is listening to what she is saying. Rathore keeps mum. Tapasya goes on talking, if he does not like the preparations that she has done she will get to know with Daija. Rathore tells her to eat herself since he is not hunger. Tapasya asks him if he is not in good mood, she then switches on the music and catching hold of his hands dances a little and tells him can she feed him with her hands.

Rathore tells her that he is very tired. Tapasya still persists and Rathore asks her to go when he would freshens up and will be there. Tapasya tells to herself, that she will go on trying and will never fail, she and her husband are one and she is the strength to him.

Nani is with the child and tells to herself, Ichcha you had snatched my Tappu’s luck, now I have got back Tappu’s luck, and your luck I have put to dust, you can’t win Tapasya anytime. You nevertheless got Veer but he will never enjoy the happiness of children, this I will never make to happen. If my Tappu cannot get the happiness of a mother then I will never allow you too to get this happiness.

Nani silently sneaks out of the hospital on the rear side when a security asks her to stop, “he asks her who are you, why are you taking a child and going out from the rear side of the hospital?”

Nani stands there silently and the Security looks her on.


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