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Uttaran-Serial-692-Written Update 9th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-692 - 9th September 2011

Budela's family discuss about celebrating Ichcha's baby bearing ceremony in a grand manner. They recall how bad Tapasya's celebration turned out. Ichcha and Veer come there, Gunavanthi tells Ichcha about this. Ichcha tells that her celebrations be simple and the funds saved can be given to some orphanage. Everybody finds it a good idea Gunavanthi asks Veer to take leave to office and go for shopping with Ichcha and buy her whatever she wishes.

Veer and Khaana are playing. Ichcha sees Veer shyly drawing him towards her. Veer comes near her when Khaana first troubles them and then the baby. Veer takes the baby and feeds him milk from bottle. Ichcha appreciates Veer that he has won the child's love in one day. Veer tells that they prayed God for children and they got three children. Their night spends in looking after the children.

Nani wakes up Tapasya, she gets bed-coffee, when she is about to drink, dai-maa comes there and tells her to fast. Nani objects when Rathore arrives there and explains her to follow some faith. Rathore asks Tapasya to get ready to go for hospital. Rathore and Tapasya visit hospital, doctor tells them that some checkup needs to be taken.

Jogi Thakur visits Damini's house and gives her salary for her work. He asks her how is her time going on, if she wants she can come back to office and take the canteen job. Damini looks on.

Veer is standing outside his room as Ichcha is looking after the children. Gunavanthi comes there and tells that it is time to search for the parents of the child. Veer tells he wants to adopt Mukta, Gunavathi refuses, tells him that it is life's decision, it has to be taken after thinking deeply on the matter. Ichcha is seen weeping hearing everything.


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