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Maharani-474 to 478 4-10-11 to 12-10-11

Maharani-Serial-474 to 478 - 4th october to 12th October 2011

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Rani having come to know that Prakash has transferred huge funds to a trust to which Mahalaxmi is the Chairman gets anger and goes to Maha's office and tells her that she will not allow her to enjoy the funds of Devaraj Associates. And as Rani leaves Maha asks Anand why he is standing silently when Rani is talking so much. She tells that something is happening behind her and tells that she will immediately meet Sandhya and ask her what is all about.

Anand could not tell anything and as Maha leaves the place he telephones Vikram.

Maha goes and knocks the door of Sandhya and as Sandhya opens the door asks her whether she is her mother. Sandhya gets anger on her and slaps her. She pulls her inside and tells her that Prakash had sacrificed his own life to protect other people life's. She tells her how on the day of marriage Prakash had hit and slapped Rani when she arranged for the first night. Where Prakash had told Rani that he had married her just to protect other lives and torture her forever.

Sandhya further tells MahaLakshmi that it was Prakash who had arranged Balasubramaniam to give money to her when she started Yamuna Associates. And when Malinga gave her trouble it was Prakash who settled amounts to him. Mahalaxmi listens everything with shock and her heart starts crying for Prakash. She cries and runs away from Sandhya, she recalls when she had slapped him on the road. She recalls when Prakash told her that she is is a fool and does not know what is happening around her.

Prakash is seeing something in his computer when Rani comes from behind him and tells him that someone life is in danger.


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