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26th October 2011 Uttaran

25th October 2011 Uttaran

Ichcha is in her room engrossed in her thoughts about the child and Tapasya’s abuses. Veer comes there and asks her what she is thinking. Without waiting for her to answer he tells her that he knows what she is thinking, he tells her that she is thinking about Muktha and Khaana. He tells her that he too always thinks about them. Then Veer tells her that Rathod had called him and was asking about her. Ichcha asks what he told him. Veer tells her that he was telling that they have loving children Muktha and Khaana. Veer then tells her that he is lucky to have Ichcha as his wife and goes out to give toy gun to Khaana. Ichcha thinks if she can only tell her thoughts to Veer.

Veer goes to the lawn and sees Khaana sitting there. Veer tries to make him cheerful. Khaana tells him that Gunavanthi was calling him thief. Veer encourages him and tells him if he grows up and becomes a Police Inspector Gunavanthi will become very happy and would love him. For this he should have a gun telling that he gives him the toy gun. Khaana becomes happy at this and shoots Veer with his toy gun. Veer does antics and then embraces him.

Jogi Thakur is in his car going somewhere when he finds Damini standing in the bus stand. Jogi Thakur asks the driver to stop the car and asks Damini to get in so that he could drop her. Damini gets into the car, Jogi Thakur asks her if she is worried on something. Damini tells him that Veer and Ichcha have decided not to have their own child and adopt Muktha and Khaana. Ichcha is grown up under Jogi Thakur’s advices and culture. She looks others as her own. Jogi Thakur tells her to come to him if she ever needs any help. Damini accepts that and as her house comes she gets down.

Gunavanthi sees Veer standing in the balcony and asks him why he is not talking with her these days. Veer tells her when she cannot understand his feelings what he can talk with her. She cannot understand in what his happiness is. He asks her why she hates Muktha and Khaana for his mistakes. She scolds Khaana for TV, She has called Khaana to be a thief and she knows that by accusing what she has to suffer, she had accused Satya of stealing and she knows for that how they have to suffer. He tells her that she knows what enmity will bring. She had taught him when he was young that if they show enmity they will face enmity. If she harms the child and hurts him how he can be happy and smile with her. If she only does not accept the children who else will. Veer leaves Gunavanthi thinking to herself.

Rathod and Tapasya visit a clinic with the child, the doctor tells them that adopted child usually has to face these problems. She tells them she will give some medicines and asks them to change the milk powder. As they leave Rathod asks Tapasya to be in the car and meets the doctor alone. He asks the doctor whether mothers milk is the best milk. The doctor says, ‘yes.’ He asks the doctor if she can arrange for mother’s milk at any cost. The doctor tells him that it is difficult. Rathod leaves thinking of what he can do and thinks about Ichcha feeding the child.

24th October 2011 Uttaran

Gunavanthi brings along Khaana shouting and searching for Ichcha when she meets Damini. Gunavanthi then tells her that Khaana has stolen something and is hiding it behind him. Damini asks him what he is hiding. Khaana then slowly brings the ball from his behind. Gunavanthi scolds him why he did not tell her that it was ball.

Damini asks Khaana to go and play and tells Gunavanthi that if she talks like this will the children start thinking at this tender age.

Gunavanthi tells her that as long as Ichcha is adamant in not having a baby of her own she too will not accept other children and will behave with them like this.

Rathod thinks about Ichcha and asks himself why she had come and went giving milk. Rathod then calls up Veer and asks his well-being as well as Ichcha's. He tells that he is fine and Ichcha is spending her time with Mukta and Khaana. Rathod speaks out that Veer has lost a boy child and has got a girl child while he lost a girl child and got a boy. He asks about Ichcha once again when Veer gets a call from his office from Madhura, he takes leave from Rathod and attends Madhura's call. Rathod tells the name of Muktha and smiles to himself, he thinks what name he would have kept for his own daughter.

Damini is with Muktha when Ichcha returns back to her house. Damini finds her sad and tells her that for some days she will take Khaana and Muktha to her house. Ichcha tells her mother that she is able to forget her worries only being with these children.

Damini tells her that people become so sad that they fail to think and act. Gunavanthi has become so sad losing her grandson that she has lost her senses. She tells that children only want love, if they are brought up well they grow up well, if something bad is said to them it will stick in their mind, what type of words and actions stick to their mind till end it cannot be said. Damini then tells Ichcha not to lose her will-power and leaves.

Ichcha thinks that she has two children but why often her mind is drawn towards that child.

Rathod hears the crying of the child and lifts the child. He sways the child to and fro and as the child stops crying he puts it in the cradle. He comes out shouting and calls Tapasya, Tapasya comes out with fright and so are other servants of the house. Rathod asks the servants to go and then ask Tapasya why no one is there to look after Yuvaraj.

Nani comes in support of Tapasya and tells him not to get so much angry and Tapasya was warming up milk for the child. Day long she looks after the child. Rathod gets pacified and tells sorry to Tapasya. He asks why the child is crying so much.

Nani tells him that Ichcha had done something to the child.

Tapasya tells him that after Ichcha left the child was not drinking milk neither by feeding bottle nor by spoon. Rathod suggests that they take him to doctor and they go to take him to doctor.

Nani thinks Rathod is loving this child so much whether this love in future will land Tapasya's life in trouble.

25th October 2011 Sindhu Bhairavi

24th October 2011 Sindhu Bhairavi


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