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Uttaran-710 Written Update 10th October 2011

Uttaran-710 Written Update 10th October 2011

Ichcha tells Gunavanthi that they have decided to adopt Mukta and Khaana their children and they are not going to have their own children.

Gunavanthi tries to convince Ichcha telling her that she can very well look after Khaana and Mukta but she should bear her own child as the heir of Bundela's family.

Veer comes there and tells Gunavanthi that it is his decision to not give birth to their own children.

Jogi Thakur and Divya visit Rathore's house to see the newly adopted son of theirs.

Tapasya becomes happy seeing them, Rathore gives the child in his hands and Jogi Thakur plays with it happily. Tapasya asks him if he is happy. Jogi tells yes and thinks to himself, God is strange when he gives happiness to Tapasya he gives sad to Ichcha and sad to Tapasya happiness to Ichcha.

At Veer's house....

Gunavanthi tells Veer that they can give any much of love to Mukta and Khaana but she wants a heir to her family.

Veer tries to convince her more with his social consciousness words but Gunavanthi does not get convinced.

Veer now tries to convince Gunavanthi telling that if she can embrace Mukta she can feel the love towards the child. Gunavanthi tells him that she can't.

Gunavanthi tells to Ichcha, "the fate has plucked away a heir and a child to her, but she has killed the expectations to have one."

Gunavanthi makes Ichcha to work herself for the sake of Mukta and tells Chanda not to help her.

Jogi thanks Rathore and Daija for having a child and blesses them gives them advices. He tells that it will be a test in his life bringing up the child. Rathore tells him that this is his first son and he will not forgot that.

Nani feels that this Child has more luck than Ichcha now being called has Junior Rathore.

At Veer's house...

Ichcha still fees that God had punished her because she had gone to give Mukta to Tapasya. Veer consoles her not to worry like this since she has to look after the children.

Veer tells that he is not going to office today and will be with her, but Ichcha tells him to go to office but to come home early, he and Mukta will be awaiting him. Veer tells her he will go to office on one condition that she should not be sad like this and take everything positive.


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