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Uttaran-712 Written Update 12th October 2011

Uttaran-712 Written Update 12th October 2011

Veer comes down the steps when he hears Rathore saying, "seems I have come in the wrong time."

Veer: There is nothing of that sort Mr.Rathore, please come in, be seated.

Rathore: come

Tapasya: Chanda bibi make some tea for them.

Rathore: We are in urgent, probably you are all not happy in my coming here.

Veer: Nothing like that. You were telling something.

Rathore: (smiles lightly) I have come here to invite to the naming ceremony of my child. (Tapasya smiles lightly keeping her mukata on her head as a sign of respect to elders).

Daddaji is seen seated with a angry look.

Gunavanthi: Oh! then you got back your child.

Chanda Bibi: That's why they are celebrating this function.

Rathore: No not, I have adopted my son.

Veer: Congratulations, it is a very good decision.

Rathore: Thank you, call your wife too. She would have delivered, how is she with the baby? (Tapasya catches hold of Rathore's hand to stop him asking this, Rathore looks towards her).

Veer: Our child died as it was born.

Rathore: I am sorry, I am extremely sorry, I did not know it. Now we have to go, please give us permission. (Rathore stands up).

Everybody else stand up.

Rathore: In these circumstances I should not have come, that too with an invitation. I can understand your sorrow; I know what is the grief you are in now. Tell to Ichcha that in these times we are with them. I can understand it is a very difficult period for all of you. If you all can come, we would be very glad.

Veer: we will try our best.

Rathore: I understand.

Rathore and Tapasya folds their both hands as a sign of Namaste and others too do the same except Dadaji and Veer.

Ichcha is thinking of what Mai had been telling her when she was carrying Mukta, "what type of women she is, she has no feeling of having lost her child, and is moving with some other child."

Tapasya is running on the main road behind Rathore. Their car coming behind them slowly driven by their driver.

Tapasya: I am sorry Mr.Rathore, I completely forgot, I was happy in having a child and was engrossed in preparations and forget to tell, I am asking sorry to you.

Rathore: Can't you imagine what is the feeling of loosing a child, how were we feeling when we were sitting in our house thinking our lost child. And this is even worst the child has passed away.

Tapasya: I am sorry, I catch my ears and ask sorry to you Raghuvender.

Rathore: What did you say?

Rathore is happy on Tapasya calling him Raghuvender and gets into a happy mood and he catches of her in his arms in a way like kissing her. Tapasya smilingly struggles in his hold.

Gunavanthi and Chanda Bibi are in the kitchen, Chanda asks her, Ichcha was such a good lady but she lost her child but Tapasya is such a bad women but they are having a son and are celebrating. Gunavanthi tells her that it is not their own child.

Chanda: What do you think what Ichcha will go to the name keeping ceremony.

Gunavanthi: Why are you asking me go and ask Ichcha. Even now in this house her voice goes here who is listening to me.

Rathore is asking his men to rush up with the preparations. Nani hearing and seeing his energetic activity gets jealousy. And she too has to participate in this function.

Divya and Rohini are getting ready to go to Tappu’s house. Pushkar who comes there tells that he has fever and tries to stay away fearing Nani.

Divya tells Rohini to leave him if he is not coming, Rohini thinks if he is not coming he is in some tricks and thinks that she too will not go.

Tapasya is calling up everyone for the function. She remembers Veer’s family and calls up. Veer picks up the mobile. Tapasya asks sorry for coming on that day. Tells that she can understand what is to lose a child.

Veer tells her how could she behave like this knowing fully well she has come to invite them.

Tapasya shows anger to him and tells that she just wanted to know if he is coming with the family.

Veer tells that he is not coming and to tell this to Rathore.

Tapasya asks him to inform this to Ichcha.

Veer sits beside Ichcha and tells her about Tapasya and Rathore’s visit and their adopting a child and about the name keeping ceremony. He also tells about the call he received from Tapasya. He tells that he knows that she wanted to make Ichcha feel for the lost child and so she had invited her to insult her. Ichcha accepts that fact and tells that she will not go but asks him to go to the function.

Veer tells her that he even knows this that he should go to the function but what he can tell to Jogi Thakur when he sees him.

Ichcha tells him to go and tell him that Ichcha has not forgotten his words, that, “those who are brave will never get defeated.”

Veer: I am proud of you Ichcha, I will go tomorrow there.


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