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Athipookal-980 to 989

Episode-989 31st October 2011 Athipookal

28th October 2011 Athipookal

27th October 2011 Athipookal

25th October 2011 Athipookal

24th October 2011 Athipookal

Episode-980 17th October 2011

Saroja shoots the constable pouring all the bullets from the gun. The mobile phone of the constable then rings.

Saroja asks her men to pick up the mobile and switch on the speaker phone. ACP asks through the phone, if everything is alright and they are in the spot. Saroja hearing this gets alerted and asks her men to run for their life.

Everyboy run and hide themselves and some are caught. Rathinam escapes in the Maruthi van. Saroja hides along side a heap of cardboard boxes.

Ragina enters with the police battalion and sees the constable dead. She shouts out Saroja, the sound shakes Saroja and the cardboard box falls down showing the hide-out of her. Ragina almost nears her when Saroja is able to hide. Ragina not finding her goes down and is about to go out when she hears the footsteps and hides sideways.

Saroja comes down the footsteps and when she is about to go outside, ACP calls her out. Saroja stands there and challenges the ACP to near her. As ACP steps forward Saroja keeps the butt on her own head posing to committ suicide. But as she triggers she finds no bullet in it.

Ragina takes her into her custody for police enquiry.


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