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Mahalaxmi and Rani are orphanage mates. One day Rani advertises in paper to find out her parents.

Yamuna sees the advertisement, Devaraj and Yamuna think Rani is her daughter and adopt her.

Rani finds out that their real daughter is Mahalaxmi, Rani does not want to loose her newly found luxury so she decides to remove Mahalaxmi from her way but all her plans fail.

Rani sees Prakash in her birthday function and falls in love with him, she tells this to Prakash but Prakash and Mahalaxmi are already in love.

Rani is sent out of Orphanage due to Manikam. She settles down in her mother's house. Sandhya at first does not know it is her own daughter but then she knows the true nature of Maha and Rani.

Sandhya and others support Maha and arrange her marriage with Prakash. At the marriage hall Prakash ties know with Rani to save his people from Rani's murderous acts. Devaraj is unable to bear this and gets hear-attack leading to his death.


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