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Thangam - Episode - 441 to 450

Thangam Sun TV serial video updates...

Ganga's report says that she is pregnant but the P.A. of the Ganga's husband plays vice and changes the report to show that Ganga can never give birth to child.

Ganga's husband is under the belief that he is going to die as per his own medical report and hence he too tells to Ganga that she cannot bare child. But inside he cries for Ganga.

To Ganga's family he tells them that the report is positive and Ganga can bare child.

Ganga's parents become happy and they come with their family with all kinds of fruits etc to celebrate the good news. When they return back at home Ilavanji tells that Ganga is not pregnant. Hence they call for the family astrologer and he tells Ganga will give birth to a son and girl.

They check up with another hospital and get result that Ganga is conceivable.
They think a fake report has been prepared by Ilavanji, Manga and Rasamma.

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