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Maharani - Episode - 111 to 115

Rani shows anger on Yamuna for silly things. She tries to break the bondage of Devaraj and Yamuna.

Rani takes Maha in her car to Prakash's house. Prakash's mother recalls seeing her in hospital with Prakash. At their house Rani treats her as servant and asks her to wash clothes. Rani washes those clothes. Suja and Rani rejoice.

Sandhya's close friend Nirmala's sister Kasturi comes to Sandhaya's house. Maha is very eager to make her reveal that she is the real daughter of Sandhya. But at the right time Rani comes there and spoils it and then introduces herself as Sandhya's daughter.

Prakash's mother requests Prakash to ask money from Rani mortgaging the house with Rani so that Suja's marriage with Anand takes place.

Maha meets Crazy and asks her to withdraw the complaint against Manikkam and thereafter marry him.

Maharani - Episode-111 - 7-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-112 - 8-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-113 - 12-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-114 - 13-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-115 - 14-4-2010


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