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Thendral Serial 1st Mar 11 to 12th Mar 11

The marriage of Lavanya is done successfully but she is not accepted as daughter-in-law in her in-laws family.

Now there is need for a place to stay for them. Charu cunningly proposes Thamizh's house and they come over to Thamizh's house for stay. Charu leaves out a crooked smile while following them to Thamizh's house.

Tulasi had just been well advised and coached by her friend not to believe Charu and she has all rights over Tamizh. When she finds this whole group of people coming over there to stay she silently accepts them and very thoughtfully goes about with the situations. She very well knows Tamizh's psychology and is soft corner for Charu.

How will Tulasi chase these people out? Or will fate itself chase them out? Maybe the house owner may not like third persons staying in his house.

Tulasi tries to convince Tamizh that keeping Charu in their house is not good since people will start gossiping about her. But Tamizh starts convincing her instead and so her efforts goes vain.

The lawyer says getting out Veeraraghavan from custody is difficult and the only option is to somehow convince Thamiz and Tulasi to favour them.

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