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Athipookal -1-3-11 to 15-3-11

Anjali in Athipookal serial shown at Sun TV is still having a field day. She is able to convince Padma to come over to her house and reside with her. Padma who does not know that she is entering a lion's den takes shelter in Anjali's house.

Now Karpagam and Manohar have entered into a new problem. They have to bring Padma out of her house.

Meanwhile Paanjali is hiding at Manga Medu and is worried that she has not received any big amount for her efforts. Saroja decides that now she should extort as much money she could from Anjali and give it to Paanjali. She calls up Anjali and asks more money. Anjali becomes heated up and tells that she has already given Rs.20 lakhs but Saroja tells her that she should give Rs.5 Lakhs more so that she can throw it at Paanjali. Anjali goes into thinking that first she should do something about this Saroja.

Padma enquires about the worries of Anjali. Anjali tells her that she has lost money due to Manohar and now that she is urgent need of Rs.5 lakhs.

In the latest episodes Saroja goes to give money to Paanjali and is followed by Karpagam's brother but is caught snooping. Somehow he escapes in his bike.

Both Anjali and Saroja now get doubt on Rakhaee. Saroja receives a phone from Bell Bhaskar and she pretends receiving it from Gowramma. She talks to her directing the routes that they should take and hide themselves. Rakhaee hears this hiding.

Saroja leaves Bell Bhaskar behind and asks him to keep a watch on Rakhaee.

Rakhaee escapes from all traps. Saroja sends for getting the final 10 lakhs from Anjali. Karpagam through Dakshina scare Anjali telling that she is watched by police.

Shekar and his family once again take shelter in Anjali's house to stall Anjali's crooked plans.

Episode - 830- 15 Mar 11

Episode - 829- 14 Mar 11

Episode - 828- 11 Mar 11

Episode - 827- 10 Mar 11

Episode - 826- 9 Mar 11

Episode - 825- 8 Mar 11

Episode - 824- 7 Mar 11

Episode - 823- 4 Mar 11

Episode - 822- 3 Mar 11

Episode - 821- 2 Mar 11

Episode - 820- 1 Mar 11


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