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Uttaran - Episode-133 to 141 - 21 Jul 2009 to 30 Jul 2009

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In the below episodes you will see Nani and Pushkar planning to marry off Ichha to a liquor seller Prakash. It fails initially due to some questions posed by Damini with the groom's family. Divya on her part too prevails upon Nani at the right time. Divya does not know how disastrous it would be if the marriage really takes place.

Tapasya unmindful of anything that is going on behind her family is only concerned about her love life and her love with Siddharth. She never reveals her love with Sid to anyone. Only Ichchha knows of her love. Tapasya unknowingly becomes the cause of Veer and Ichchha's love.

Meanwhile Veer is being forced by his grandfather to come to a decision to marry Tapasya. Veer is fully convinced that only Ichha can be his wife and sets out to tell this to Tapasya. He asks Nani to fix a meeting with Tapasya. Nani is overjoyed.

Uttaran - Episode-133 - 21 Jul 2009

Uttaran - Episode-134 - 22 Jul 2009

Uttaran - Episode-135 - 23 Jul 2009

Uttaran - Episode-136 - 27 Jul 2009

Uttaran - Episode-138 - 28 Jul 2009

Uttaran - Episode-139 - 29 Jul 2009

Uttaran - Episode-140 - 30 Jul 2009


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