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We sometimes criticize others without knowing the history.

We will be doing injustice to the world if we discuss anything about LTTE and its freedom struggle before fully reading and knowing its history.

Half knowledge is no knowledge and our views will not be respected and accepted.

Thus when discussing about LTTE and to know about LTTE it is important to know the profile of LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran.

The full profile is in the link below.



The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) commonly known as the Tamil Tigers, is a militant Tamilnationalist organization that has waged a violent secessionist campaign against the SriLankan government since the 1970s in order to create a sovereign socialist Tamilstate in the north and east of SriLanka (formerly known as Ceylon) which has developed into the Sri Lankan Civil War. It is headed by its founder, VelupillaiPrabhakaran.

YEAR 1990'S

LTTE had a good support base both in Tamilnadu and karnataka, everything went fine for them, funds were flowing both from Tamilnadu and Karntaka, LTTE supporters were staging dramas in Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The actors played their parts superb. For example the autrocities that were being meted out to Tamils in Sri Lanka were bought in front of the audience with awesome reality. The player who was acting as a Srilankan military soldier just kicked and thrashed the player who was acting as the minority Srilankan tamils.

The other donor countries during that periods were spread over US, Japan, EU, along with India, Canada and some other countries.

It was almost certain that the war was about to come to an end and a separate Eelam was to be born.

The then SriLankan president Jayawardhane who saw this tacitly entered into an agreement with ???????

Here ... I like to stop writing..

Then LTTE did this blunder of Killing Rajiv Gandhi. Or was it a blunder or self-defense, there seemed to be who takes on first whom. Rajiv Gandh let loose his people to kill Prabhakaran and Prabhakaran his. Or either of them did not ask their people to do the act.

LTTE who were hitherto recognised as freedom fighters for Tamil Eelam were branded as terrorists.

Year 2009

Lakhs of civilians are under the control of Prabhakaran, with no supporting voice from outside world it seems these Tamils may die in so many ways. It could be because of diseases, famine and every other ways that could be imagined. Maybe they may take to arms too... to die a brave death. It looks almost certain that there is no way that these lakhs of tamil civilian people can survive and live under Sinhala government. Probably these civilians may have decided to die rather then live under the promises of Sinhala Government. Since the history speaks that they have been living as slaves under the Sinhala Government before.

So end of lakhs of Tamilians lives seems to be in the offing at the hands of mighty Srilankan militiary force.

In a way the Sri Lankan Government itself is becoming a terrorist Government. Or is it that America is acting behind all this. It seems so. America through Rajapakshe is committing these terrorist acts on Sri LankanTamils. As usual India is fully supporting it by giving arms and ammunitions to Sri Lankan Army. Indian Government has no feelings of huge tamil population in Tamilnadu. It is to be seen in the coming General Elections which pary takes on which sides and how Congress fares in this election.

There is a media black-out of the genocides that is being committed on Tamils in Sri Lanka.

27th April 2011

Recently the “Time” magazine had conducted a poll for 2011’s 100 most influenced persons in the world. The people nominated were from different genre like leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakshe was also included as a nominee in the list for “Time 100” poll. It is really astonishing to know how such a popular magazine could make this great mistake. He is a known war criminal trying everything on hand to escape from prosecution.

Naturally then there were reactions from all over the world questioning the inclusion of a war criminal in the Time 100 poll. On the other side a huge effort were being made by the supporters of Mahinda to bring his name into Top 10. It has been reported that a computer unit headed by Karunajeeva and many Chinese technicians were working tirelessly to bring the President to the top spot. Why chinese technicians? You know now that China too was fully behind these war crimes.

Thousands of IP addresses have been taken from the net for sending email favoring vote for Mahinda, thereby saving the image of President's face in the international arena who is now facing severe criticism from all over the world after the leaked UN advisory panel's report calling for an international independent mechanism for prosecution of war crimes committed by him.

This entire poll rigging made Mahinda to be at the 4th spot with a whopping difference of more than hundred thousand votes till 19 April. However there was serious of mail chain questioned enlisting war crime accused Rajapakshe in Time 100 list.

On 20th April 2011, Rajapakshe was in 4th position in the list. Yesterday on 21st April, Time Magazine released the final list of 100 influential persons in which Rajapakshe is not listed. He is not even listed in the Top 100 list. This is a victory of the good over evil and the same kind of solidarity should be shown in bringing political justice to the Eezham Tamils for the severe war crimes and human rights abuses abetted on them.

Responding to this, a political activist in Chennai commented that the day is not so far to list Rajapakshe in top 10 War Criminals like Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin in human history.


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