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Pirivom Santhipom-Episode-1 to 6 4-4-11 to 11-4-11

Pirivom Santhipom serial is being shown at Vijay TV at 7:30 P.M. Revathi is the main character of this film. She is brought up by her uncle who is a writer. Jyothi is very friendly and close to Revathi. Jyothi's mother Dhanam does not like Revathi and asks her not to go out without her permission.

Some entertaining moments in Pirivom Sandhipom serial.

Revathi and Jyothi go to the college to see results. Both of them pass the exam in First Class.

Ashok comes to the college and meets them. Ashok and Jyothi are attracted towards each other.

Revathi : Hello!

Ashok : Hello!

Revathi : Vanakkam.

Ashok : Hai Jyothi!

Jyothi : Hai! (melts)

Revathi : Even in Karaikudi boys tell 'Hai' isn't Jyothi (teases).

Ashok : Congrats both have passed in First Class.

Jyothi : Thanks, yourself.

Ashok : I am beside you, Second Class.

Jyothi : You read well know?!

Revathi : He would have forgotten during marriage, Jyothi.

Ashok : Jyothi this dress is beautiful on you.

Jyothi gets exited with happy smiles

Jyothi : Thanks.

Ashok : Whose selection.

Jyothi : Revathi.

Ashok : Its fine.

Jyothi : Even your dress is fine looking. (Ashok is wearing a black shirt).

Ashok : I like black very much.

Jyothi is escalated by the word 'black' since she is black looking girl.

Revathi : come lets go.

Ashok : Shall we go to canteen and have a coffee.

Revathi : We have just had it.

Jyothi : I want to drink.

Revathi : You will not drink, Jyothi, come.

Ashok : One minute. What is the next plan of yours?

Revathi : To go home and sleep.

Ashok : I asked about future plans of yours.

Revathi : Ah, Jyothi goes to moon.

Ashok : Then, you?

Revathi : some other planets that are side of it like, jupiter, saturn, mars etc.

Ashok : How are you going?

Revathi : By cycle!

Ashok : Will you go doubles?

Revathi : Sorry, its girls cycle, only girls can sit behind it.

Ashok : You talk nicely.

Revathi : Like it, Jyothi come lets go.

Ashok : Lets do some talking and then go.

Jyothi : It seems Ashok is saying is correct.

Revathi : You be here, I will go home.

Jyothi : Just five minutes.

Ashok : Its too much, two minutes?

Revathi : I have lot of work, leave me, I am going. Bye!

Ashok : Karaikudi girls too are 'Bye.'

Revathi : You go to california there too they will tell 'bye.'

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