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Nadaswaram Serial - 256 to 260 - 19-4-11 to 25-4-11

Pandi after his marriage with Maha comes to the room and finds Maha playing with the thread he had tied. He gets shocked and keeps the thread before God's photo and puts it back on her neck. He starts admiring her beauty with lust in his eyes. He switches off the light and the fire gets doused.

Maha's family is in sad mood and Maha father puts seeds of doubt on Gopi.

In their first night of Murthy and Kamu they decide not to sleep together until their family problems gets solved.

Kamu talks praise about Murthy's father. She tells him that she respects him and act according to his wishes. She also praises her family saying that when they were about to tell the love matter of Murthy to his father it was he who had stopped them but they did not take his name.

Murthy's father who hears all these behind the doors is in tears and immediately telephones Kamu's Parental family to prepare a grand luch for them since they will be arriving to their house for lunch.

Maha takes bundle of notes and throws it down the hill. Pandi finding no money with decides to go for work to earn money. He is promised a work in an estate as a daily wage earner whose manager eyes the beauty of Maha.

Rohini dreams of Shankar misbehaving and makes sounds in her sleep.

Murthy's family and Kamu's family are enjoying lunch at their house.

Maha's father meets a black-magic person and gets a cow-dung from him. He throws the cow-dung at the roof top of Murthy's house.







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