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Nadaswaram Serial - 261 to 265 - 26-4-11 to 2-5-11

Pandi takes along to work with him his wife. The employer acts as if he does not want his wife to be with him while he is working but he plans crooked things inside him along with his colleague.

Shankar asks Rohini to bring along gold and money with her to elope. Rohini acts as per his advice. Malar sees Rohini going out with bags and follows her. When she sees Shankar coming to pick her up she gets shocked. She comes running. Shankar drags Rohini inside her car and Malar tries to drag her out of the car and in that melee the bag with gold and cash is in the hand of Malar.

Malar telephones to her brother but he says to her to leave that matter.

Gopi fails to arrange money to payback to Murthy's father. Murthy's wife falls prey for the mistake and is asked to go back to her parental house.

Shankar tells to Rohini all about Gokul and that all these are his plans and he is the one who has released him from jail.

Rohini realises how wrong she had been all along and how his sister Malar had been helping her.

Malar comes to Kodaikanal to rescue Rohini from Shankar's captivity. Gopi too comes to Kodaikanal to find the whereabouts of Pandi. Vanitha, Murthy's sister too had come to Kodaikanal to her friends marriage.

Rohini escapes from the captivity of Shankar by locking him inside the room.







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