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Thendral Serial - 26-4-11 to 3-5-11

Nitish father takes some of the things that Charu was meddling and shows those to doctor to take his advice and to know on the behaviour of Charu.

The doctor tells him that she will hate any person who asks her to forget Thamizh. She should be taken somewhere out of the city.

Back at the hospital the doctor tells Nitish father that Charu's father should be taken to U.K. so that he could get treated successfully.

Nitish father asks charu and her mother to go to U.K. along with the patient. Charu is shocked she is worried that she is forced to go away far from Thamizh.

Charu tells someone to closely watch the movements of Thamizh and inform her everything. She tells that on her return from U.K. she will settle all his fees.

Tulasi meets Sudha and convinces her that she had not revealed her name anytime about all the matters that she had told her.

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