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Maharani - Serial - 366 to 370 - 2-5-11 to 6-5-11

Rani registers in Prakash's name half of the property share of Devaraj Associates valued at 1000 crores of rupees.

When Topiaz too demands Rani his half share Rani asks him to wait for some time. She does not say to him that she now possess only half of the share in Devaraj Associates.

Topiaz tells her that he can't wait anymore and be solving all her problems and demands his share of booty. Rani is embarrassed and she escapes from further tortures as Prakash arrives there. He tells Rani to get inside the house and asks Topiaz to avoid visiting his house in future.

Prakash stops Rani going to office he tells her henceforth he will look after the office.

At office he finds going through records in computer that funds had been withdrawn during the life time of Devaraj mysteriously. He questions Mumtaz and she points the finger on Rani and Topiaz. Prakash asks Topiaz to prepare a dismiss letter for Mumtaz.

Topiaz comes to know that Rani has registered half of her share to Prakash.

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Maharani Serial - 370 -6th May 2011

Maharani Serial - 369 -5th May 2011

Maharani Serial - 368 -4th May 2011

Maharani Serial - 367 -3rd May 2011

Maharani Serial - 366 -2nd May 2011


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