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Thangam - Serial - 471 to 477

The doctor and Ilavanji are kidnapped but they escape from the kidnappers. The doctor comes back and does the operation to Selvakannan and saves his life.

Selavakannan and Ganga decide to go for honeymoon. Vandana tells that Selavakannan's life is in danger due to Gunashekaran and tells all about what had happened long back when this Gunashekaran with his rowdies had attacked the collector. He even tried to do witchcraft to cause the death of Selvakannan. He tried to kidnap him when he was in hospital.

Thangam cancels her honeymoon trip and decides that she will only rest after teaching him a lesson.

Thangam tells these to her father and he boils with anger and advises her to complain against him to police and he will call for Panchayat.

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Thangam-Serial-477 - May 10 2011

Thangam-Serial-476 - May 9 2011

Thangam-Serial-475 - May 6 2011

Thangam-Serial-474 - May 5 2011

Thangam-Serial-473 - May 4 2011

Thangam-Serial-472 - May 3 2011



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