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Maharani - Serial - 376 to 380 - 16-5-11 to 20-5-11

Rani asks Prakash to buy her a saree and Prakash tells her that he will do it. He also tells her that next day they both are going to office together and select staff through interview. They both interview people applying for the job. Maha too turns up for the interview. Rani abuses her and tells her to go out. Mahalaxmi tells her that she has not come for the job but to challenge her and tell her that she is herself going to start a rebel company and she will be the proprietor of the company. Rani stares her with astonishment. As she moves out Mumtaz enter in and Prakash appoints her and ends the interviews for the day.

Rani who comes out sees Prakash and Mumtaz talking jovingly and Prakash patting her. Rani becomes jealousy.

Sandhya gets transfer order to Coimbatore but Mahalaxmi tells that she is not going anywhere and that she is going to start a rebel company and will win in running the company successfully.

Prakash brings to his house a couple who call themselves as uncle and aunt of Rani. The man shows fire on Rani and slaps her when she raises voice on him.

Thopias and Rani discuss the new developments and get worried that enemies against them are increasing. Thopias tells Rani that everyone all their enemies have to be destroyed including Prakash.

Maha and Anand see a building to take it for rent to run their business, the owner demands Rs.50/- lakhs. Maha decides to take that building for rent and tells that if her time is good and luck favours her she will be able to proceed further in her business.

Maha finds out through diary that Murali Manohar has not repaid Rs.40/- lakhs back that he has taken. Maha and Yamuna meet him. Murali accepts the debt and promises to pay it immediately. This matter passes from Maha to Anand through telephone which is overheard by Suja and is passed to Rani. The end effect is the Vigilance raids her house and they are supported by the newly appointed area sub-inspector. Mahalaxmi's tells them that she had received the money from Murali Manohar but the vigilance officer's say as per their information it is the corrupt money Sandhya received for her favours done in a case.

Maharani-Serial-380 - 20-5-11

Maharani-Serial-379 - 19-5-11

Maharani-Serial-378 - 18-5-11

Maharani-Serial-377 - 17-5-11

Maharani-Serial-376 - 16-5-11


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