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Pirivom Santhipom - Serial -25 to 30 - 9-5-11 to 16-5-11

Revathi thinks that Ashok is in love with Jyothi and so does Jyothi. But Ashok is in love with Revathi.

Ashok brings his parents and seeks alliance of Revathi while the parents of Jyothi think that they have come to seek alliance of Jyothi.

Dhanam becomes angry knowing this and chases them out of the house. Ashok and her parents go out with anger.

Jyothi sees Ashok shouting that he loves Revathi. When Revathi returns home she asks her purposefully where she had been. Revathi tells her lies that she had been out to repair her watch. Jyothi asks her why she did not take her along with her. Revathi tells her that it is too hot outside. Jyothi tells her to go and wash her face.

Sangeetha who goes shopping is seen by the Jewellary shop owner and calls her. Sangeetha tries to escape from him. But he follows her and confronts her. He gives her 5 days time to pay the money for the jewellary purchased.

Dhanam's mother goes to Ashok's house and asks their alliance in marriage for Revathi. Ashok asks his parents to fix the marriage. They decide to go seeking Revathi on an auspicious day.

Dhanam's mother returns home and tells that she had gone to Devanadan's family to seek Ashok's alliance for Revathi.

Revathi looks stunned when his uncle asks her whether she likes Ashok to marry.

Jyothi's grandmother puts wrong informations and Jyothi goes to think that Revathi likes Ashok and when Revathi keeps silent about this she tells to her father that Revathi likes Ashok.

Jyothi thinks that Revathi is trying to sacrifice her love so that she can marry him.

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