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Maharani - Serial - 371 to 375 - 9-5-11 to 13-5-11

Rani gives complaint to police that Topiaz has kidnapped Prakash and might have killed him. The inspectors efforts to send Topiaz to jail had earlier failed due to the interference of his higher authorities. So he now looks for a strong evidence and visits Sandhya's house. He asks Maha if she will stand has witness in court to punish Topiaz. Maha accepts.

Back at station Topiaz shows a recorded version of Mahalaxmi where she tells that she will be happy to see the downfall of Prakash and Rani.

Inspector transfers the recorded dialogue to his mobile and goes into thinking. He then takes Maha into custody.

Rani is more interested in putting Maha behind jail rather than to know the whereabouts of Prakash. She never takes any further interest to find him out.

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Maharani-Serial-375-13th May 11

Maharani-Serial-374-12th May 11

Maharani-Serial-373-11th May 11

Maharani-Serial-372-10th May 11

Maharani-Serial-371-9th May 11


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