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Pirivom Santhipom - Serial -37 to 42 - 25-5-11 to 3-6-11

Sangeetha tries to sneak off and pay the money to the Jewellery shop. When the servant girl and she dash each other the money is thrown out of her hand...there is shower of money and the people who have come to seek Jyothi in alliance fall for that.

The groom says he likes Jyothi when asked.

When the groom side people leave Sangeetha is called in and enquired about the money and she says that it is her father's.

Jyothi's father goes to telephone her father when Revathi stops him telling that she had forgotten to tell that the money has been kept in kitchen.

Sangeetha sneaks to the kitchen and hides the money there.

Jyothi's father forcefully brings Revathi to kitchen and asks her to show the place where the money is kept. Jyothi searches and gets it. Revathi takes the money and gives it to Sangeetha and tells her, "maybe you are in need of money take it." Sangeetha takes the money without talking anything. But at the back of Revathi Jyothi's father sees everything and scolds Sangeetha. Other members too scold her.

Jyothi goes to the groom's house and instigates them to ask Rs.15/- lakhs as dowry and give Rs.5/- lakhs to her. The deal is agreed.

Urgently marriage is fixed and ring is put by the groom to the bride. Jyothi's is angry Revathi was not present on the occasion. Revathi pacifies her.

Arnachalam, Sangeetha's husband starts a new cloth business and opens a showroom. Arnachalam's friend comes there and tells that a new consignment full of clothes has arrived in the port and he has asked some 200 pieces of it. To take delivery of the clothes he produces a document and tacitly gets the signature of Arnachalam's father on it.

Jyothi's grandmother through a teacher fakes a Bank training for a week at Madurai and tries to keep Revathi away from the marriage ceremony. Later she says to her daughter Dhanam that it was she who had arranged the teacher's training to Revathi but in actual she is going to stay in Tiruchi at her house. Bank training converts to teacher's training.

Sangeetha tells to her husband that these training are all setup planned by the grandmother.

As expected Revathi is taken to Tiruchi by the grandmother and is shut in her house, she leaves her there and comes back. Revathi often hears a murderous frightening shrieks from the opposite house and is curious to know who is crying in such high pitch.
She often opens the window and sees if she can find someone and then shuts it.

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