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Thangam - Serial - 491 to 495 - 30-5-11 to 3-6-11

Ilavanji comes over to house and makes hell of a cry but everybody neglect her and leave her alone.

Ilavanji takes her husband to a lawyer. Ilavanji's husband Karthick introduces himself as Raja Ramachandra Raghunath's son and gives him a blank cheque to conduct the case.

Vandana tells Ganga to go alone to Simla for collector's training. The reason she gives is that Gunashekar may come out on bail since Ilavanji and her husband Karthick have appointed a leading lawyer.

The case of Gunashekar comes for hearing and the advocate files a bail application and argues in the matter. Ganga herself argues against Gunashekar and the bail application of Gunashekar gets rejected. But in the course of argument Ganga tells that if any one from the family agrees for his bail, bail maybe granted to him.

Gunashekar catch holds of this point and calls for Karthick to device a plan to get bail.

Vetrimaran participates in a Kabbadi match.

It is announced that the prize in this tournament is given by Porselvi and the tournament is presided by her father J.K. The match is between Vetrimaran and Deepak team. J.K. enquires and gets to know that in both teams players of his caste are playing.

Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi...Vetrimaran and his friends play and win the tournament overcoming all obstacles. The opposite players captain mixes drugs in the drinks and makes friendly gestures towards Vetrimaran and makes him drink the adulterated drink. Vetrimaran somehow manages to play the match till end and wins valuable points before going down on the ground.

All the players are given lunch in Porselvi's house. Porselvi's father J.K. asks Vetrimaran to withdraw from the national team so that a person of his case can go instead of him. Vetrimaran refuses.

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