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Nadaswaram Serial - 279 to 284 - 20-5-11 to 27-5-11

Murthy's father is proposing a alliance to Vanitha and asks them to come to see her. Vanitha though first refuses that she still wanted to study later relents.

Gokul's parents once again try their luck coming to Malar's house and ask them to consider the re-joining. Malar's father takes one week time to decide.

Rohini tells Malar that Gokul is a very bad guy and Gopi is the only person she should marry.

Gopi gives his parents Rs.50,000/- which he had received as advance for performing Nadaswaram Katcheri.

Paramu goes to see her friend and finds Sendhil and tries to talk to him but he goes away. Her friend talks great of him and Paramu falls for it.

Rani who had taken to beauty course is accused of taking gold from the bag of a customer in the beauty centre. Gopi is called in by the proprietor of the beauty parlour and he comes along with his father to Coimbatore to sort out the matter.

In the end the thief is caught who is none other than the painter.

Gopi thinks that after Maha marries Pandi his route is clear to marry Malar and goes to say this to Malar with great expectations. When he is about to tell his wishes to Malar Gokul comes there and Gopi leaves the place.

Rohini once again tells Malar that Gopi is the right person for her to marry and sets out to meet Gopi and tell this. On the other side Murthy's father hears that Gopi gives roses to Vanitha, he enquires about this to Vanitha and finds there was nothing wrong was done there. Suddenly he feels that Gopi could be the right person for Vanitha and tells this to his wife. Her wife already found this as an good idea and thinks deeply of how to bring back Kamu to their house. Now there could be two front attack on Gopi to marry Malar on one side and Vanitha on the other.

Nadaswaram-Serial-284-27th May 11

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