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Right time to quit Congress Party

Intelligent politicians who have an inclination to root out corruption should now join together. Let they be in any party. They all should join together under an able leader who has a good background and devoid of any accusations. A clean man.

Now who could this clean man be to lead these politicians to show a new India for taking it forward.

All those who are in congress having an inclination to root out corruption and foreign rule should now use this golden opportunity to cancel their membership from that party and join forces with other politicians who are inclined with the same goal of rooting out corruption.

Enough time has already been given for congress party Government at the centre and it does not give confidence that they are fit enough to lead our country. They are so highly corrupt that they are afraid of being caught and jailed if Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed.

A very able leader should now boldly declare that he will pass the Jan Lok Pall bill and will pass more such bills after coming to power and then take India on a new path.

As for people this is the time that they should stick to their principles and should be ready to go to jail.

As Anna Hazare calls it, this is India’s second freedom struggle. We can’t see him continuing his hunger strike like this and lose his health. We need him for our future guidance.

People may have to protest before every politician’s residence and be arrested if the politicians talk against people’s wish. Their political death should be written then and there.

Already there are so many congress men who have written their political death. Like P.Chidambaram, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Kapil Sibal, and there are others who have actually gone silent now after attacking with foolish words against Jan Lok Pal Bill and Anna Hazare.

It should be noted by people all that is being enacted it is being done right with the guidance of top brass i.e., Sonia and Rahul. So their political death should be written by people. They are fit to live in Italy as Subramaniam Swamy says that they still do not possess Indian citizenship.

A good congress rule ended when Indira Gandhi was shot dead, this congress is not party which has the capacity to rule. This party is fully controlled by foreign hands. There are 101 reasons for congress party to see its demise.

India has been rocked by a number of scams and scandals in which the ruling Congress Party members are involved. The weak person in the party is arrested the strong ones are still at large like P.Chidambaram. The scams under congress rule are many, The Adarsh Housing Scam, Commenwealth Games Scam, 2G Telecom Scandal etc. the list of corruption goes on and on. Despite this the ruling Congress Party does not want a stringent anit-corruption bill to be passed. Their party plenary has passed a resolution that they would crack down against corruption, but that remains to be an eye-wash. The new LokPal Bill does not have enough teeth to go after powerful politicians and bureaucrats and would lead to the same state of affairs. It was the Supreme Court which was responsible to bring out the 2G Telecom Scam into open by taking over the investigation as it did not feel confident in the ability of the ruling party to take action against the guilty. India’s top investigation agences CBI and ED are hopelessly compromised and are repeatedly castigated by the courts for being criminally lenient towards powerful and rich.


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