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Athipookal Serial shown on Sun TV at 2:00 P.M. is popular among housewives.

Manohar and Padma are a good loving couple. Anjali is the wife of Shekar. Shekar is the brother of Padma.

Anjali having an eye on Manohar's huge wealth wants to give her son in adoption to Manohar and Padma. Padma gets pregnant and this Anjali feels will retard her plan. Anjali engages an witch craft women and with her help destroys the pregnancy of Padma.

Manohar and Padma feel the need of a child and so they consult their family doctor.

The doctor adivices them to go for a rented womb.

Karpagam is the saddest character in this serial. One day her mother falls very serious and Karpagam does not have enough money to pay the hospital bills. So she decides to become a surrogate mother.

Manohar's sperm is injected to Karpagam and she delivers a child which is taken away by Manohar and Padma. Padma is very fond of the child.

Anjali puts poison into the minds of Padma and turns her against Karpagam and Manohar. Padma always tells that Karpagam has cornered Manohar and she gets herself divorced from Manohar.

Anjali engages Saroja a criminal lady to kidnap the child and the blame falls on Karpagam.

To prove that in this kidnap drama Anjali is behind all this Manga Dakshina's wife stays in the house of Saroja.

The police coming to know that Saroja is behind the kidnapping drama goes to arrest her.

Saroja gets the information and she escapes.

Saroja comes to know that Manga had been espionaging her and hence she keeps Manga under her captivity and tortures her.

To save Manga from the clutches of Saroja Manohar talks deal with Saroja and goes to jail telling that he is the one who kidnapped the child.

The case turns a difficult one for the police, hence the commissioner appoints ACP Ragini to solve the case.

ACP first task now is to find out the hide-out of Saroja. After her taking over of the case through Manohar she comes to know that there is a blacksheep in her own department.

Ragini takes in the cheating policeman into her custody and beats him up. He gets reformed and then passes all information's that he gets about Saroja.

The task is made easy for the ACP when a shoe-polish men comes and sits right in front of the police station. They watch him how he passes information's. They find out that a man is taking the information through a slip of paper in his shoes.

One of the policeman following the trail reaches the hide-out of Saroja and passes on the message to ACP Ragini who comes there with her battalion of police in a van. The policeman while watching gets himself caught and is taken before Saroja who shoots him taking out his own gun from his pocket.

ACP Ragina rounds up the building and takes Saroja into her custody.

On the Narco test that is conducted on her she reveals the name of Anjali who had asked her to kidnap the child.

Athipookal-Episode-994 7th November 2011 is in


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