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Rajinikanth Supports Anna Hazare

Jan Lokpal Bill is in need of wide support to become successful. On this count Superstar Rajinikanth has come out strongly in support of Anna Hazare on his campaign for an effective Jan Lokpal Bill. India Against Corruption (IAC) today released a statement from the superstar in Chennai.

"I whole heartedly support the IAC movement in their campaign to get the Jan Lokpal Bill legislated in Parliament. I'm very happy that we have a very able and dedicated leader in Anna Hazare to lead the fight against corruption," the superstar, hailed as the Thalaivar by many, said.

" I congratulate all the Indians who have lent their support to this bloodless revolution! This kind of peaceful movement is possible only in India which is the birthplace of Satyagraha," the superstar added.

Rajinikanth in fact had planned to sit alongside Anna and fast. Rajini's doctor has advised him against it. Taking their advise and his family advise he has issued statement. It is now left for his fans to take this forward.

I believe that time has now come for people to march on streets so that housewives get boosted and get the impetus not to pay bribe if they come across under that situation. It is household women who are still not coming out and joining the campaign.

A start has been made by a leading hero like Rajinikanth in this. Taking a cue from him the Tamil film industry will also observe a one-day token fast on Tuesday (23-8-11) as part of extending support to Anna Hazare whose fasting at Delhi has reached 8th Day.

"We are inviting all members (of Tamil film industry) through media to take part in this one-day fast (supporting Anna Hazare)", Film Federation of India President L Suresh told reporters.

He said, "directors, producers, actors, technicians, would join. Associations like Tamil Film Producers Council, Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI), South Indian Artists Association would also take part."

Asked whether ongoing-shootings would be cancelled in view of the protest, he said, "it is purely voluntary. Shootings will not be cancelled. Those who are interested and free tomorrow can come and participate."

The 'Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangam' also as decided to observe a one-day strike today (23-8-11).

Anna Hazare has been demanding Lokpal Bill since last April and the Government has done nothing. Anna Hazare had said that he would go on fast from August 16 if the process of passing Jan Lok Pal is not started in the monsoon session. The Government postponed the monsoon session to August 2011 from July 2011 and thus had killed time. Then they wanted to pass a Lokpal Bill which had no teeth in it. Hence Anna Hazare was forced to take to first as annouced by him from 16th August 2011.

Now what we can expect is the Government can speed up its process of negotiations and talks and come out with a strong Lokpal Bill acceptable to all. If Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are afraid since they are sitting on corrupt bofors money and this could land them up in Jail once they are prosecuted under new strong Lokpal Bill it is their fate. For the sake of them the whole country cannot compromise. Yes, Subramaniam Swamy is waiting like a tiger to pounce on Sonia Gandhi and her bofors money in Swizz Bank and if this bill is passed then the first head to fall will be Sonia Gandhi.


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